How to Slow Down and Rest

Summer is always a reminder to slow down and take a break. (Remember summer vacations?) We recently posted a question on Facebook and Instagram asking how to slow down and rest, no matter how crazy life gets.

Here’s what you said:

question for blog.JPG
  • Yoga (this was by far the most popular answer!) 🧘

  • Gardening

  • Kayaking

  • Working out 💪

  • Swimming

  • Anything outside

  • Spending time with family and friends 

  • Concerts 

  • Hanging out on a boat 🛥️

  • Pool time

  • Massages

  • Sitting outside in the sun ☀️

  • Reading books

  • Laying in a hammock

  • Hawaii (we can get behind this one!) 🌴

Take some time to slow down today. Choose one or two of the items from the list above to become a part of your regular routine. Let us know your progress on Facebook or Instagram!

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