How do you Balance Everything in Your Life?

We posted a question on Facebook and Instagram asking how you balance everything you have going on. Between work, family, friends, and dating, it can seem impossible to juggle it all.

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We’re all still working on balancing everything in life, and no one is expected to have it all together -- but here are some tips from our team that can help.

Prioritize. “Something is always a priority - you just need to make the decision as to what [that] priority is.” - Michael

Take care of yourself. When you’re pulled in so many different directions, you’re at risk of your life becoming not your own anymore. Set boundaries and say no sometimes, with no fear of a negative reaction. Spend time doing what makes you happy. Do you know what that is? Start there. - Andy

Turn it off. I have to turn off my phone and email, and be intentional about not checking it. It’s so important to be present. - Courtney

It’s seasonal, not balanced. You can’t strive everyday for work-life balance, but you should strive for seasons. Work is going to take priority every now and then, but your relationships should always come back as most important. - Ben

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