How Do You Know When Someone’s Not Right For You?

We posted a question on Facebook and Instagram asking how you know when someone's not right for you and when it's time to walk away.

Here’s what you said:

Lack of effort. “When there is little to no reciprocation or effort on their part.”

“Both need to make time for the other and treat them like they would want to be treated.

Too much tension. “I think any time you’re feeling tension you need to pay attention to it.”

Lack of consideration. “If they don't make time for you, consider you, and aren't trying to build you up then they're not the one for you. The right person will be joyful and happy to spend time with you and uplift you.”

Different interests. “[Maybe] it's difficult to find things to do together based on what each [of you] like. If one is an outdoors person and the other likes Netflix, that will cause a real strain on the relationship.”

Gut instinct. “Dogs and young kids always know. If they don’t have a pet and dogs bark at them, then they’re not the one. Also look at how they treat a waitress.”

The connection isn’t there. “There has to be a real vibe between the two with a sense of compromise and selflessness for the other person. When you don't feel or see that, then it's time to walk away.”

Personal preferences. “You find out they love Nickelback.”

“They like the Carolina Panthers.”

“They put ketchup on a hot dog.”

“They don’t like sports!”

“They take you to Red Lobster for a dinner date.”

When it comes to knowing whether or not someone is right for you, it all comes down to knowing yourself. Before you dive into a relationship, you need to know what you want and deserve. Once you do this, then the right person will find you.

Have any other tell-tale signs that it’s time to walk away? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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