What Has Being Single Taught you?

We posted a question to Facebook asking what being single has taught you.

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Here’s what you said:

  1. Confidence. “I’ve been able to find confidence in my strengths while simultaneously becoming conscious of my weaknesses. My life until now forms a puzzle piece that is complex enough to make its match a certainty.”

  2. Valuing yourself. “I think singleness has taught and is teaching me the importance of valuing yourself and being whole. I think the interesting thing when I look at Adam and Eve (the original #relationshipgoals) is that God saw the relationship as complementary and not a completion of the original work. In short, I’m learning that I’m good alone but when a relationship arises I’ll be greater later.”

  3. Emotions. “I've learned to avoid drama with some simple actions that keep emotions in check. I avoid shying away from initial issues, so things don't build. It's fine that I am emotional; just gauge if it is reasonable and talk through issues before misunderstandings and emotion run away. Being open and clear before emotion takes hold is something I pay particular attention to on a date. Do they have an opinion or do they seem shy or emotional about issues? It may work for some, but not for me.”

  4. Appreciation. “I’ve learned that if I am [spending my time] with someone, I won't be drawn to spend time with them again if they are checking their phone often. I show appreciation with my time and am very intentional with my actions. Cell phone distraction is not my jam.”

  5. It’ll all work out in the end. “I have methods that work for me and don't work for others. I don't take it personally if a date, or even a person in general, doesn't like me for various reasons. My person isn't defined by someone who isn't into me... So, I've learned to be more appropriate with my emotion and intentional with my time. I may be single and misunderstood my whole life but God has a plan.”

These are all important ongoing lessons. Everyone has something about themselves that they need to work on. Nobody is perfect, nor will we ever be, and that’s okay! When you’re looking for a relationship, give yourself grace and find someone who can do the same.

Have anything else you want to add about what being single has taught you? Let us know on Facebook.

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