6 Ways to Meet New People in Atlanta

Meeting new people can be hard, especially when you’re in a big city like Atlanta. Most of us are stuck in a daily routine, always seeing the same people. Figuring out where to go and what to do to meet new people can be tricky. If you’re stumped on how to meet new people in Atlanta, check out these ideas.

Six Ways to Meet New People in Atlanta:

  1. Join a gym or try a new fitness class - If fitness is your thing, trying a new class or joining a local gym is a great way to meet new people. Whether you’re into yoga or boxing, Pure Barre or Orange Theory, there are all different types of gyms in Atlanta for you to try. Exercise is about community,  and you’re definitely going to want someone to be sore with.

  2. Volunteer - Meeting people while making an impact? Double win. Volunteering allows you to connect with others while getting you out of your usual routine. By doing something you’re passionate about, you’ll be led to other people with the same values as you.

  3. Go to local events - Check out the flyers that are hanging up in coffee shops! They’re full of cool events that are happening in and around your area. They’re also a great way to get involved within your community. We also send out a monthly email that’ll keep you up to date on all the events happening in and around Atlanta - be sure to sign up here.

  4. Join a new club - Regardless of what you enjoy, there is likely a club you can join near you. Maybe you enjoy hiking one of Georgia’s trails, or you love to cook and try new recipes. There are clubs for single parents, those that have recently graduated, and more. Search Facebook for some ideas and groups already created. And if not, consider starting your own!

  5. Visit local stores - Not only is this a great way to become more connected to your city, but by visiting stores that pique your interest, you’re likely to run into someone with the same interests as you. If you like to garden, head over to a local nursery and walk around. If you like to read, head over to a bookstore or library. If you love the outdoors,  visit a store like REI. You never know when you’ll bump into someone who needs a suggestion on a good book to read or the best hiking boots to get. That can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  6. Join a Canopy Gathering - Gatherings are a great way to meet single adults in Atlanta who are also looking to meet new people. There’s something for everyone - from brunch gatherings to cycling get-togethers, you’ll be connected with people that are of the same age and have the same interests as you. All you have to do is sign up and show up. We’ll take care of the rest! It doesn’t get easier than that.

The best way to meet new people is by saying ‘yes’ to new opportunities. Don’t be afraid to try new things and put yourself out there. Breaking the ice with someone new is easy, as long as you’re being yourself.

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