Making a Difference with Purposity

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Not only do we hope for everyone to have community, but we hope everyone finds a way to get involved in their community. However, maybe you aren’t sure what your community needs most.

Would you help your neighbor if you knew what they needed? Introducing Purposity.

Purposity is a great way to get involved and serve others in your own community - something we all want to do, but don’t really know how. We have partnered with Purposity to inspire more Atlantans to serve our city. We all want to find our purpose, and maybe that begins with generosity.

What is Purposity?

Purposity is founded on the belief that people find purpose through generosity, and it makes loving your neighbor easier than ever. It’s a platform that uses the power of text messaging and social media to connect you to your neighbor. Purposity brings awareness to a neighbor in need - the family down the street who lost their home in a fire, or a student in your own child’s classroom whom you didn’t know needed school supplies.

Learn more on their website here.

How to get involved

Signing up is as simple as entering your cell phone number and zip code. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a weekly text with a story of someone near you. Once you read their story, you can choose to take action and help them out with whatever they need. The exact item(s) requested are linked in the text. All you have to do is tap and purchase. All from your phone. All in under two minutes. All for a really great cause.

We would love for you to join the Canopy Team and partner with Purposity. Sign up here.

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