Creating quality social experiences for single adults. 

(It’s better than swiping.)


It shouldn’t be hard to find your people.

Canopy is reimagining how community is built for single adults. We’re creating quality experiences we believe are a better way for you to meet people. We aren't a dating service (sorry, there are too many of those). We're a community that focuses on building meaningful relationships, aiming to surround you with people who care about things like faith, ethics, and loving your neighbor.

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Upcoming Events

At Canopy,

  • We enjoy staying home on weekends, just not every weekend.

  • We love convenience but believe a little effort is more rewarding.

  • We believe in contribution over consumption.

  • We think screens are fine but face-to-face is better.

  • We’re comfortable with who we are but not content to stay there.


What we're up to.